Easter Egg Winner

Congratulations to our Easter Egg Winner, Chris Carlson of Chardon! Chris plans to share the gigantic chocolate egg with his nephews. And a special thank you to all of our beloved contestants, for shopping at Cleveland’s best Italian grocery store! Hope you had a great Easter!

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Castelvetrano Olives

From the western edge of Sicily, nestled in the Belice River Valley, the town of Castelvetrano brings us the delectable Castelvetrano Olive. Buttery, bright green, and one the most people pleasing olives you will ever taste, Castelvetranos satisfy picky children, all the way up to the most discerning connoisseur. With readily apparent fruit, and almost no detectable bitterness, this is a truly olive for any application one can imagine. Try pairing in a seasonal setting, aged hard cheese and robust red wines for the cooler months, then crisp whites, fresh figs, and a younger soft cheese in the warmer months. Castelvetrano olives are one Italy’s most celebrated snacks, chosen 3 to 1 over other varieties in a country that takes the olive very seriously. Available everyday at Gallucci’s Fresh Olive Bar.

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Great Chinon Rose At A Blowout Price!

Le Grand Bouqueteau 2012 Chinon Rose is available at Gallucci’s for the outstanding price of only $9.99. This will only last until we get through the 2012′s, so hurry in for one of our best current wine buys. This is rosé of 100% Cabernet Franc from Chinon in the Loire Valley, the part of the world where Cabernet Franc achieves its best expression. The wine ranges from bright, fresh, and fruity, to serious and long-lived, and doesn’t cost as much as the taste suggests it should. Pale orange in color, mineral-driven essence with aromas of strawberry cut a citrus path, with floral top notes.  Incisive dry red fruit flavors show good concentration and pick up nuances of spice with air. This Chinon Rose has a graceful style at the outset, finishing with strong and impressive persistence. Ideal with almost any meal, or able to be enjoyed with a relaxing glass on its own, get it while we got it…

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Add Truffle Flavor To Your BBQ!

New from Urbani, Truffle infused grilling sauces! Ideal as a sauce or marinade for anything you want to add the exquisite and inimitable taste if truffles to, these sauces come in 5 different flavors. Whether its the spice of Truffle Chili, exotic flavor of Truffle Curry, tanginess of Truffle Barbecue, or an amazing twist on familiar favorites with Truffle Mustard and Truffle Ketchup, Urbani Truffle Grilling Sauces will give you the secret to success at your next BBQ.

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Dietz & Watson Turkey Pastrami

How does an everyday turkey breast, become a Dietz & Watson Turkey Pastrami? Well, first that turkey breast is brined to make it even more succulent, then it is cured to lock in pepper and spices. Toss that into the smoker for a short while adding just a hint of mesquite to the flavor, then steam it to ensure tenderness. The sum of these painstaking steps and attention to detail, is a magnificent medley of tastes with lower calories, and all the deliciousness of its beef counterpart. Right now, in our deli counter, from the Gallucci family to yours.

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Gallucci’s California Olive Oil

Back after very popular demand, Gallucci’s California Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil! This oil is 100% natural, unrefined extra virgin olive oil. Made from the first cold press of Gallucci’s own estate grown California olives, it’s a medium bodied, fruit forward, fresh olive oil with floral aromas, and an easy finish. On the heels of the California olive oil movement, delicious, high end oils at domestic prices, this versatile oil can be used for dressings, dipping, as well as all of your cooking needs. With no trans- fatty acids or genetically modified ingredients, Gallucci’s California Grown Extra Virgin Olive oil is a tasty and health conscious alternative to other cooking oils. A great all around oil to have in your kitchen, at an unbeatable price!

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